SureForm is the most effective cord tissue allograft on the market
with 34.7% higher cell-proliferation rates than other brands.

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Intoroducing Surform

After years of scrupulous research and testing, Surgenex is proud to offer SurForm, a supercharged, minimally-manipulated cord tissue allograft. SurForm is the latest addition to Surgenex’s reputable product line, and stands to be the most effective cord tissue allografts on the market to date.

Our proprietary cell-extraction process maximizes regenerative effects. That means a 24.3%* faster recovery time for patients.

SurForm is procured from our unique, patent-pending extraction process, NEXION.
NEXION employs the latest biomedical research and technology to
maximize regenerative effects of the cells.


SurForm is grafted from the highest quality tissue product. Our donar serology panel is the most extensive in the industry, and guarantees the purest tissue available.

Our innovative immunomagnetic seperation techniques preserve regenerative properties of the cell: growth factors, ECM Protiens, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, and MSCs. this enriches cell-proliferation for faster regeneration and and longer-lasting tissue restoration.

With SurForm, doctors can administer non-invasive, in-office treatment for a wide variety of tissue-related issues. Patients will benefit from 24% faster recovery times and longer-lasting results.

Why SurForm?

Our unique cell-extraction process, NEXION, amplifies regenerative effects
  • More potent than any other brand, with 1.3x higher concentration of growth factors, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, and MSCs
  • Flow cytometric purity of >97.3% for CD133+
  • Proprietary cryopreservation solution for long-term storage
  • Convinient, fast, non-invasive application for in-office therapy
  • 54.3% faster cell division and proliferation for faster results
  • Brought to you by Surgenex, the most innovative and trusted brand in regenerative medicine

Suform is carefully crafted and ready to ship via Next Day Air from our world-class facility in Scottsdale, AZ.